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Friday, 31 January 2014

What does our flag mean?


The following was written by a guest writer , whose opinions may differ from those of RWR. Their inclusion should not be construed as endorsement of them.

A history of standing strong and proud. Not just a history, but a culture has been designed under that flag. Thousands of people have fought and died under our flag. And now it seems like our flag and identity under that flag is under attack. By people put in power, to speak for us, to stand up for us. to listen to our views and respect them and respect what and who have come before them. Now there's all sorts of left wing talk screaming through our parliament about changing not only our flag, but our identity as a colony and becoming a republic. This country has become what it has and we have built what we have under that flag and our colonial identity. The so- called leaders of this country are attempting to destroy our flag and identity. they want it all changed. Do we want a black flag with silver fern? HELL NO! Do we want a flag with some Maori design on it? HELL NO! it's the normal every day working class men and women who have built this country into what it is, and we ALL need to stand up and say with one voice NO! WE DO NOT WANT IT CHANGED! We love our country. We love our history and we love our culture and identity. To change that would be an ultimate sin! We cannot allow this to happen, and the so called man in charge of our country is the ringleader behind this. How he can even call himself a man I shall never know. He bows down to every different nation and demand from Maori, never standing strong. This so called man will be the death of our flag and identity as a former British colony. We have our own courts, government, and systems, and are no longer a colony. Our flag shows that us NZ Europeans have somewhere we belong, somewhere we have come from to build this country, and for all their big talk the Maori weren't the first ones here, their own legends contain the "turehu" a fair skinned, red headed race who were here when they landed. So I ask who do these people in Parliament think they are? Not listening to the masses when spoken to? Do they really think they know better than the everyday hard working Joe Bloggs who does nothing but work his knuckles to the bone to support his family? Because I know better than them. I know how this country should be. It should be somewhere we can be proud to call home. Somewhere we all stand up to fight for. This is my damn country, my damn identity and I love my flag just the way it is!.

Northern White Boy

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Hamilton Report

Hamilton is an OK place to live in. Has its ups and downs. Like one big down side is over Davies Corner, Five Crossroads, and Nawton. All the gangs make it unsafe for families. The main town needs cleaning up by getting rid of all the Homeless, due to their drinking and drugs. They cause problems! Hamilton, has gone down hill.

 But, then, Hamilton has good spots like Flagstaff, Dinsdale, and others. We have the Lake, River and Gardens. All are good for family things. Another good thing is the upgrades to the Hospital.

We did have the V8 Races, till Council and others lost these. And the Waipa Delta to Auckland because of Council as well.

Hamilton Unit Leader
RWR Northern Wolves

South Auckland, NZ. From Michael Darque, RWR NZ

This is my report since 2012/2013

Crime across Counties Manukau continues to fall, the latest police statistics show.

Counties Manukau police district commander Superintendent John Tims says recorded crime for the 2012/2013 fiscal year is down by 9.4 per cent.

The biggest drop was in the Counties Manukau East area which has has seen a drop of 18.8 per cent. That area covers from Otara to Maraetai, Howick and Half Moon Bay.

Categories where recorded offences fell the most include homicide and related offences (-61.5 per cent); public order offences (-25.1 per cent); acts intended to cause injury (-15.2 per cent); and abduction, harassment and other related offences against a person (-14.6 per cent).

But burglaries across the district are up 6 per cent on the previous year, Mr Tims says.

Theft and other related offences – not including burglary – make up 30.9 per cent of Counties Manukau’s recorded crime.

‘‘This year we have focused on targeting property crime and it remains a key priority for the district,’’ Mr Tims says.

‘‘We have especially focused on repeat offenders, locations and victims. Anecdotally, this has resulted in the first two months of this fiscal year seeing a decrease compared to last year.

‘‘We will to continue to prevent burglaries and in turn, prevent residents from becoming victims of crime.

Police across the district remain committed to implementing the Prevention First strategy, ‘‘ which puts victims at the heart of policing, preventing crime before it occurs, to ensure all residents can be safe’’.

Mr Tims says police understand positive results will follow from working with the community and partners.

A drop of 11.1 per cent in total crime for the district per head of population is the lowest recorded for the past 17 years, he says.

Recorded crime also continues to drop on a national level, with offences dropping by 5.2 per cent from the previous year.  (Manukau Courier)
Okay the truth to this lie is simple,
Crime in South Auckland is less reported than the statistics show.
Fear of retaliation and  mismanagement by police and the court systems as well as the criminals themselves has brought the reported crime rate down.
Yet there seems to be more racial attacks everyday and racially motivated crimes.
South Auckland suburbs all have their own racial mixes with whites being the minority in all suburbs.
In Glendon and Mangere the Islanders rule. Manurewa and Papatoetoe, Indians rule. Papakura, Maori rule.
Manukau, Asians rule.

Whites have a say only in their small select minorities and then it falls upon a corrupt City Council and Government ear, that has fallen to political correctness and plan out childish antics.
Community patrols try to help bring the unreported crimes down but these patrols only work days so in fact are less effective to their communities by not continuing patrols during the night when most crime happens.
The Maori wardens and Pacific wardens are essentially a joke as they are funded by the Council and local racial movements (Maraes and Island Church groups).
The CPNZ are senior citizens who drive around South Auckland in Crimewatch cars who tag id plates and are essentially a busy body group, with no real impact to the crime rate.
There are more Islanders and Indians in the whole entire South Auckland than Asians which is saying something considering that the suburbs of Pakuranga and Howick are Asian strongholds.
Glendon itself is known as Mini Samoa and Otara and Mangere are known as villages of Samoa.
So in my opinion, I am not against the Asians here, I don't like them and I don't like they are invading this country but next to the Islanders and Indians they are also a minority.
The Islanders bring a whole network of primitive trouble being that of violence, crime and racial hate towards the White population that are already dwindling here.

Michael Darque
South Auckland RWR
New Zealand.

Different shades of Green by K R Bolton

29 January 2014

Different shades of Green

Pot-heads should be pleased with the latest offering from the NZ First Party. Curwen Rolinson, by his own account, tantamount to Winston Peters’ blue-eyed boy and untouchable, has critiqued the Green Party’s latest policy statements on marijuana legalisation as not going far enough and as being a betrayal of the noble legacy of Nandor Tanczoc. (See, ‘We’re on the Greenest Greens’, 27 January 2014,

Interestingly Mr. Rolinson’s fan, Frank Macskasy, a long-time Leftist (of course) has written in a letter to The Dominion Post that a vote for NZ First will ‘give a blank cheque to Winston Peters’. (Dom. Post, 28 January 2014). For Mr. Rolinson’s part, comrade Macskasy’s blog site ‘Frankly Speaking’, is one of only five that are recommended and linked by the NZ First site. Others include old-time Marxist Chris Trotter’s ‘Bowalley Road’, and ‘Unite’. The latter is the trade union organisation set up and run by mostly Trotskyite Communists. One of the main officials of Unite is Mike Treen, who a few years ago attempted to organise a boycott of NZ First election pamphlets by postal workers on the basis that they were ‘racist’. As I have tried to point out, Unite is now one of the communist run outfits with which NZ First aligns thanks to the networking skills of Mr. Rolinson.

However, objecting to any of these trends in NZ First will not get you any plaudits. Rather, you will be accused of ‘attacking and haranguing Board and Caucus members’ and asked to leave the party, as a gutless way of bypassing expulsion procedures, with accusations such as ‘breaking crockery’ at party meetings thrown in for good measure. However, I am now starting to think that perhaps such accusations are not the result of lies after all, but just the clouded judgement caused by Board and/or Caucus members’ new-found enthusiasm for pot smoking.

So now pot-heads can forget the backsliding of the Green Party; they have a new champion in NZ First. Perhaps the pot-smokers’ lobby within NZ First is also aligned with what Mr. Rolinson has called the ‘prominent Rainbow wing’ of the party? But don’t ask about that either, it will only get you smeared and alienated. And we are assured by Mr. Rolinson, in commenting publicly to David Farrar, hardly friendly to NZF, that he is certain that Winnie will not allow him to be displaced by unhappy members of the Board, who are "not the brightest bulbs"; surely a public insult to Board members that would get lesser plebs in the party grass-roots expelled or "asked to leave"?

It’s your party, comrades, and you’re welcome to it.

Kerry Bolton
Ex-member, Otaki committee

Monday, 27 January 2014

Forced Māori enculturation in New Zealand schools?

The following was written by a guest writer, whose opinions may not match those of RWR. There inclusion here should not be construed as endorsement of them.
A view from a proud Northland White Boy
Not long before school finished for the last year, we had a newsletter come home from our daughters' primary school, inviting us to a "Hui" to discuss how to integrate more Māori culture into the school. It seems that this is becoming an epidemic, as even our youngest daughters' kindergarten has now got our 3 year old asking us for "kai" and counting and saying prayers in a language which is not her own before she can count in English. The problem is, what can we do about this? The majority of us stand silent as an obsolete language and culture is forced into the brains and down the throats of our white children. Many if not all of us know the "14 Words" 
"We must secure the existance of our race and  a future for white children" and yet we sit back silent. We say nothing for fear of ostracising our children in front of their peers, or teachers. of making enemies among the other childrens parents, of standing out from the crowd as different. 
Well I have news for you all, we are different. We are the ones expecting our children to learn English before anything else. To learn about their own culture before anyone elses. Why are we letting these so-called teachers indoctrinate our children like this? Because that is exactly what it is, indoctrination at its worst, by attacking our children. Those of you out there who have children will be feeling pretty bad about now, because you know exactly what I'm talking about. And I am pointing the finger squarely at you! We can all talk quietly with out kids at home about it and try our best to get it through to them that what they're being taught in schools is wrong. 
Instead, we need to attack the schools, the teachers, indoctrinators, at the source. the government. They need to know that their way is NOT the right way. that OUR rights as parents need and deserve to be respected! We need to try talking to their teachers, their principals, but they will all tell you the same thing, we are following what the government tells us to teach your children. 
I know because I have done this, I have followed my own words here, at two different kindergartens and 3 different schools MY children have been enrolled in. We as parents are not given the option of it being optional, like metalwork, woodwork, cooking and home economics, (much more worthy options in my opinion). This is now mandatory in all schools here in Northland, every sign at the schools has Maori on top of English words! Yet the governments own polls show less than 5% of Māori people can speak their own language, so they feel the need to force the entire culture upon my own pretty, pure white daughters so that in my own home I feel like an alien as I cannot understand what my children are asking for or saying. THIS IS WRONG PEOPLE!!!! Not only do I feel unwelcome in my own country, I now feel like I don't belong within my language and culture as a PROUD New Zealand white man. I feel inadequate as a father and a man, because  it seems like no one can stop this. I certainly seem unable to fight it by myself.
But yet I still fight it. not for my sake, but for my children. My beautiful white children who are the future of this country.  I still confront the teachers and principals, and tell them they should be teaching them the essentials, how to speak and read English, count English, to teach them about their own culture before anything else. Time to stand up people, the time to fight is here and now, before it gets any worse. We CANNOT allow the government to attack us through our children. because that's what is happening. the government know they cannot change MY views, so they go for for my children instead. I for one am appalled. And will not stop fighting this  indoctrination!

Masterton RWR Report

Masterton along with other lower North Island units are part of our central division of RWR NZ. They are active and progressive, we are very happy with their progress and to see this area become so successful. Thank you Vaughan for the work you put into the projects there, such as the patrols, flyers, organisation of our people in the area and all the caps you fill that need to be.

Report by Vaughan: Masterton RWR NZ Officer

John Hayes: National MP for the Wairarapa, Ambassador to Iran and Pakistan. Dairy and Business owners Chairman for Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade. An Order of merit for the Bouganville conflict.
Retirement privileges include: Travel at tax payers expense.
He has given up the ghost, chucked in the towel, petered out - resigned.
His recent campaign distributing 28,000 copies of the "Hayes Herald" outlined his achievements for the year. A Glossy print showing him shaking hands with people of every ethnic origin except a real New Zealander. He has helped those migrate from nearly every ethnic group into our jobs, business and houses.
Not one picture of him helping locals. Just the Fruit industry owners to harvest their fruits, taking the jobs off thousands of locals who relied on such seasonal work. He helps them to employ immigrants into every aspect of our industries.
Mr Hayes has oppressed any form of bad publicity opposing this form of passive invasion. Allowing their cultures to be forced onto New Zealanders.
We have actively opposed this bulldozing movement and openly expressed our concerns to Mr Hayes frequently (our conversations broke down).
Mr Hayes has earned criticism from the constituency for being more involved in party issues and overseas roles then the people who voted him in. He has been dubbed the Invisible MP (like many National Party MPs around NZ)
Maybe he will move to Iran or Pakistan one day...

When Mr Hayes office closed over Christmas till 6th Jan, we immediately took the opportunity to display on his office front window every flyer Right Wing Resistance had printed that year including the anti Chinese immigration and boarder patrol flyers, along side our RWR and WPWW day posters. The RWR the only Resistance poster right beside his photo. To my and Mr Hayes amazement not one was defaced or removed for four weeks. When his office re opened and taken down by Mr Hayes we assume he read them. There has been no police scalding or public criticism of anything we displayed.

On the 20th Jan Mr Hayes announced he was stepping down from Office. I firmly believe that Mr Hayes did not want to debate with local RWR on the above issues at Election time. He must fear the stance of RWR on the multicultural nightmare and his lack of availability to locals, so instead he resigned. I see this as a Victory!!

To replace him we have another Alcohol Fuelled Businessman. Only interested in money and how to get his grapes picked without employing locals. It reminds me of Jimmy Carter the peanut grower, except peanuts don't produce toxins that destroy brain and liver cells and destroy our Youths future. Alcohol is a major concern for Wairarapa parents concerning their children. We have to ask the question: How does producing wine contribute to resolving the current Alcohol problems in the area? All it brings is more misery!

Commanding Officer
Right Wing Resistance



The following was written by a guest writer, whose opinions may not match those of RWR. There inclusion here should not be construed as endorsement of them

(An Opinion by Albrecht, 2014) 

1. Once were Londoners
Now they are almost all gone or they became Asian venues. I mean, I’m talking about the UK pubs in Auckland. You can find still some Irish pubs. I don't actually know how long they will survive. In Queen Street, few years ago, a historical British pub became a Korean restaurant, then it closed down. Another UK venue, London Bar, on the corner of Wellesley St and Queen Street is now a Thai restaurant (Bangkok restaurant and bar), showing Thai flags as well maybe to celebrate the victory. In Symonds Street, Edinburgh Castle is now an Asian pub (!) serving Chinese food.
Internet Cafés are now an Asian business in Auckland. And many foodcourts are just a series of Asian takeaway or dine in cheap restaurants (e.g. Mercury Plaza, Mercury Lane, off K’Rd). If you want to find European food and venues run by European people, you've got go to Atrium on Elliott, CBD, a small and beautiful fortress.

2. Concerns

Auckland doesn’t look like just a multicultural town where you can find different cultures and different businesses run by different ethnic groups. It’s now mostly similar to an invaded town where a strong ethnic community, growing fast because of the mass immigration, buy all the businesses (the European ones as well) and run all of them in an Asian way. 

They use a simple and effective strategy:
* Step One: Cheap Labour (exploitation of underpaid workers: no minimum wages, no sick leave and holidays paid, long hours shifts) plus cheap prices and a high level of competition;
* Step Two: Non-Asian businesses respecting the labour laws cannot compete and they close down;
* Step Three: Asian people buy them;
* Step Four: Done. Easy as.
Plus, one day – very soon, maybe – just a minority of Aucklanders' will speak English.
In Australia, this was happening in the early 90s as shown in “Romper Stomper”, the cult-classic movie (1992). In Auckland, it’s happening nowadays. If that sounds a little bit paranoid, please just feel free of checking out for yourself in Auckland, the lovely City of the Rice & Noodles.

(Guest writer)

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Why Wolves?

No doubt some are wondering why we would call ourselves wolves - after all, wolves have an extremely negative reputation. However wolves have many positive attributes that we should be proud to be associated with.

Most notably, wolves are gregarious by nature, they spend a lot of time communicating with each other, relaxing and playing together. Too often we do not stay in contact with our family nearly enough. In some cases family members will not even talk to each other, nursing grudges large and small. How often have you seen reports of arguments or even violence breaking out at family gatherings that should be times of unity? Take the time out of the day to talk to your parents, wife, husband or children. Send a long, detailed e-mail or even write a letter to people overseas or a long way from where you live. If you can, go and visit them. Cherish your friendships and spend time with your friends doing what you enjoy.

" If you know that you have a friend and that he is true, and that you will get good from him, share your mind with him, exchange gifts and visit him often. " Havamal verse 44

Secondly they are co-operative, each animal works to ensure the survival of the pack. Increasingly in this modern world we see people becoming more and more individualistic, caring only about their own concerns and thinking nothing of the needs of society.Wolves instinctively know that they must band together to survive and work as a team to bring down prey to feed themselves. Female wolves share the raising of the cubs so that more of them survive to adulthood. These are things that we humans once knew too, and that we must regain if we as a species and we as whites in particular are to survive.

Thirdly wolves are loyal, every wolf knows its place in the pack and as mentioned above, works to support the pack. And if any pack member is attacked the other wolves will come to its defence. They defend their territory and pack-mates with unrelenting fierceness.

All these are excellent reasons why we should seek to emulate these magnificent animals and be proud to call ourselves wolves.

Sadly, the various wolf sub-species are under near constant threat of extinction. Even the Eurasian, or European wolf (C. l. lupus ) despite being classed as least concern on the IUCN red list is not found within its traditional range in uniformity, being confined to ever smaller areas. In some areas it has been completely wiped out by humans. There are however many organisations dedicated to the preservation - and in some cases the re-introduction of wolves in Europe and North America. I will provide links to a couple of these, and I strongly encourage you to make at least a small donation to these worthy causes - one wolf to another.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014


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