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Monday, 27 January 2014



The following was written by a guest writer, whose opinions may not match those of RWR. There inclusion here should not be construed as endorsement of them

(An Opinion by Albrecht, 2014) 

1. Once were Londoners
Now they are almost all gone or they became Asian venues. I mean, I’m talking about the UK pubs in Auckland. You can find still some Irish pubs. I don't actually know how long they will survive. In Queen Street, few years ago, a historical British pub became a Korean restaurant, then it closed down. Another UK venue, London Bar, on the corner of Wellesley St and Queen Street is now a Thai restaurant (Bangkok restaurant and bar), showing Thai flags as well maybe to celebrate the victory. In Symonds Street, Edinburgh Castle is now an Asian pub (!) serving Chinese food.
Internet Cafés are now an Asian business in Auckland. And many foodcourts are just a series of Asian takeaway or dine in cheap restaurants (e.g. Mercury Plaza, Mercury Lane, off K’Rd). If you want to find European food and venues run by European people, you've got go to Atrium on Elliott, CBD, a small and beautiful fortress.

2. Concerns

Auckland doesn’t look like just a multicultural town where you can find different cultures and different businesses run by different ethnic groups. It’s now mostly similar to an invaded town where a strong ethnic community, growing fast because of the mass immigration, buy all the businesses (the European ones as well) and run all of them in an Asian way. 

They use a simple and effective strategy:
* Step One: Cheap Labour (exploitation of underpaid workers: no minimum wages, no sick leave and holidays paid, long hours shifts) plus cheap prices and a high level of competition;
* Step Two: Non-Asian businesses respecting the labour laws cannot compete and they close down;
* Step Three: Asian people buy them;
* Step Four: Done. Easy as.
Plus, one day – very soon, maybe – just a minority of Aucklanders' will speak English.
In Australia, this was happening in the early 90s as shown in “Romper Stomper”, the cult-classic movie (1992). In Auckland, it’s happening nowadays. If that sounds a little bit paranoid, please just feel free of checking out for yourself in Auckland, the lovely City of the Rice & Noodles.

(Guest writer)

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