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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Different shades of Green by K R Bolton

29 January 2014

Different shades of Green

Pot-heads should be pleased with the latest offering from the NZ First Party. Curwen Rolinson, by his own account, tantamount to Winston Peters’ blue-eyed boy and untouchable, has critiqued the Green Party’s latest policy statements on marijuana legalisation as not going far enough and as being a betrayal of the noble legacy of Nandor Tanczoc. (See, ‘We’re on the Greenest Greens’, 27 January 2014,

Interestingly Mr. Rolinson’s fan, Frank Macskasy, a long-time Leftist (of course) has written in a letter to The Dominion Post that a vote for NZ First will ‘give a blank cheque to Winston Peters’. (Dom. Post, 28 January 2014). For Mr. Rolinson’s part, comrade Macskasy’s blog site ‘Frankly Speaking’, is one of only five that are recommended and linked by the NZ First site. Others include old-time Marxist Chris Trotter’s ‘Bowalley Road’, and ‘Unite’. The latter is the trade union organisation set up and run by mostly Trotskyite Communists. One of the main officials of Unite is Mike Treen, who a few years ago attempted to organise a boycott of NZ First election pamphlets by postal workers on the basis that they were ‘racist’. As I have tried to point out, Unite is now one of the communist run outfits with which NZ First aligns thanks to the networking skills of Mr. Rolinson.

However, objecting to any of these trends in NZ First will not get you any plaudits. Rather, you will be accused of ‘attacking and haranguing Board and Caucus members’ and asked to leave the party, as a gutless way of bypassing expulsion procedures, with accusations such as ‘breaking crockery’ at party meetings thrown in for good measure. However, I am now starting to think that perhaps such accusations are not the result of lies after all, but just the clouded judgement caused by Board and/or Caucus members’ new-found enthusiasm for pot smoking.

So now pot-heads can forget the backsliding of the Green Party; they have a new champion in NZ First. Perhaps the pot-smokers’ lobby within NZ First is also aligned with what Mr. Rolinson has called the ‘prominent Rainbow wing’ of the party? But don’t ask about that either, it will only get you smeared and alienated. And we are assured by Mr. Rolinson, in commenting publicly to David Farrar, hardly friendly to NZF, that he is certain that Winnie will not allow him to be displaced by unhappy members of the Board, who are "not the brightest bulbs"; surely a public insult to Board members that would get lesser plebs in the party grass-roots expelled or "asked to leave"?

It’s your party, comrades, and you’re welcome to it.

Kerry Bolton
Ex-member, Otaki committee

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