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Monday, 27 January 2014

Forced Māori enculturation in New Zealand schools?

The following was written by a guest writer, whose opinions may not match those of RWR. There inclusion here should not be construed as endorsement of them.
A view from a proud Northland White Boy
Not long before school finished for the last year, we had a newsletter come home from our daughters' primary school, inviting us to a "Hui" to discuss how to integrate more Māori culture into the school. It seems that this is becoming an epidemic, as even our youngest daughters' kindergarten has now got our 3 year old asking us for "kai" and counting and saying prayers in a language which is not her own before she can count in English. The problem is, what can we do about this? The majority of us stand silent as an obsolete language and culture is forced into the brains and down the throats of our white children. Many if not all of us know the "14 Words" 
"We must secure the existance of our race and  a future for white children" and yet we sit back silent. We say nothing for fear of ostracising our children in front of their peers, or teachers. of making enemies among the other childrens parents, of standing out from the crowd as different. 
Well I have news for you all, we are different. We are the ones expecting our children to learn English before anything else. To learn about their own culture before anyone elses. Why are we letting these so-called teachers indoctrinate our children like this? Because that is exactly what it is, indoctrination at its worst, by attacking our children. Those of you out there who have children will be feeling pretty bad about now, because you know exactly what I'm talking about. And I am pointing the finger squarely at you! We can all talk quietly with out kids at home about it and try our best to get it through to them that what they're being taught in schools is wrong. 
Instead, we need to attack the schools, the teachers, indoctrinators, at the source. the government. They need to know that their way is NOT the right way. that OUR rights as parents need and deserve to be respected! We need to try talking to their teachers, their principals, but they will all tell you the same thing, we are following what the government tells us to teach your children. 
I know because I have done this, I have followed my own words here, at two different kindergartens and 3 different schools MY children have been enrolled in. We as parents are not given the option of it being optional, like metalwork, woodwork, cooking and home economics, (much more worthy options in my opinion). This is now mandatory in all schools here in Northland, every sign at the schools has Maori on top of English words! Yet the governments own polls show less than 5% of Māori people can speak their own language, so they feel the need to force the entire culture upon my own pretty, pure white daughters so that in my own home I feel like an alien as I cannot understand what my children are asking for or saying. THIS IS WRONG PEOPLE!!!! Not only do I feel unwelcome in my own country, I now feel like I don't belong within my language and culture as a PROUD New Zealand white man. I feel inadequate as a father and a man, because  it seems like no one can stop this. I certainly seem unable to fight it by myself.
But yet I still fight it. not for my sake, but for my children. My beautiful white children who are the future of this country.  I still confront the teachers and principals, and tell them they should be teaching them the essentials, how to speak and read English, count English, to teach them about their own culture before anything else. Time to stand up people, the time to fight is here and now, before it gets any worse. We CANNOT allow the government to attack us through our children. because that's what is happening. the government know they cannot change MY views, so they go for for my children instead. I for one am appalled. And will not stop fighting this  indoctrination!

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