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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Hamilton Report

Hamilton is an OK place to live in. Has its ups and downs. Like one big down side is over Davies Corner, Five Crossroads, and Nawton. All the gangs make it unsafe for families. The main town needs cleaning up by getting rid of all the Homeless, due to their drinking and drugs. They cause problems! Hamilton, has gone down hill.

 But, then, Hamilton has good spots like Flagstaff, Dinsdale, and others. We have the Lake, River and Gardens. All are good for family things. Another good thing is the upgrades to the Hospital.

We did have the V8 Races, till Council and others lost these. And the Waipa Delta to Auckland because of Council as well.

Hamilton Unit Leader
RWR Northern Wolves

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  1. Bader is also an area that is a down side due to gangs poverty and drugs & alcohol. Another downside that I have found is apart from a few extremely expensive schools there are on good schools to attend.

    Upside are the Lakes and Gardens & also the waikato river and all the gullys with bush walks. Sports is a good thing with cricket at seddon park and Chiefs. We have the Balloons over Waikato which is great to see.

    We also have one of the four only youth resadentrel rehabs situated in Hamilton and many other addiction recovery related places.