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Monday, 27 January 2014

Masterton RWR Report

Masterton along with other lower North Island units are part of our central division of RWR NZ. They are active and progressive, we are very happy with their progress and to see this area become so successful. Thank you Vaughan for the work you put into the projects there, such as the patrols, flyers, organisation of our people in the area and all the caps you fill that need to be.

Report by Vaughan: Masterton RWR NZ Officer

John Hayes: National MP for the Wairarapa, Ambassador to Iran and Pakistan. Dairy and Business owners Chairman for Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade. An Order of merit for the Bouganville conflict.
Retirement privileges include: Travel at tax payers expense.
He has given up the ghost, chucked in the towel, petered out - resigned.
His recent campaign distributing 28,000 copies of the "Hayes Herald" outlined his achievements for the year. A Glossy print showing him shaking hands with people of every ethnic origin except a real New Zealander. He has helped those migrate from nearly every ethnic group into our jobs, business and houses.
Not one picture of him helping locals. Just the Fruit industry owners to harvest their fruits, taking the jobs off thousands of locals who relied on such seasonal work. He helps them to employ immigrants into every aspect of our industries.
Mr Hayes has oppressed any form of bad publicity opposing this form of passive invasion. Allowing their cultures to be forced onto New Zealanders.
We have actively opposed this bulldozing movement and openly expressed our concerns to Mr Hayes frequently (our conversations broke down).
Mr Hayes has earned criticism from the constituency for being more involved in party issues and overseas roles then the people who voted him in. He has been dubbed the Invisible MP (like many National Party MPs around NZ)
Maybe he will move to Iran or Pakistan one day...

When Mr Hayes office closed over Christmas till 6th Jan, we immediately took the opportunity to display on his office front window every flyer Right Wing Resistance had printed that year including the anti Chinese immigration and boarder patrol flyers, along side our RWR and WPWW day posters. The RWR the only Resistance poster right beside his photo. To my and Mr Hayes amazement not one was defaced or removed for four weeks. When his office re opened and taken down by Mr Hayes we assume he read them. There has been no police scalding or public criticism of anything we displayed.

On the 20th Jan Mr Hayes announced he was stepping down from Office. I firmly believe that Mr Hayes did not want to debate with local RWR on the above issues at Election time. He must fear the stance of RWR on the multicultural nightmare and his lack of availability to locals, so instead he resigned. I see this as a Victory!!

To replace him we have another Alcohol Fuelled Businessman. Only interested in money and how to get his grapes picked without employing locals. It reminds me of Jimmy Carter the peanut grower, except peanuts don't produce toxins that destroy brain and liver cells and destroy our Youths future. Alcohol is a major concern for Wairarapa parents concerning their children. We have to ask the question: How does producing wine contribute to resolving the current Alcohol problems in the area? All it brings is more misery!

Commanding Officer
Right Wing Resistance

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