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Thursday, 30 January 2014

South Auckland, NZ. From Michael Darque, RWR NZ

This is my report since 2012/2013

Crime across Counties Manukau continues to fall, the latest police statistics show.

Counties Manukau police district commander Superintendent John Tims says recorded crime for the 2012/2013 fiscal year is down by 9.4 per cent.

The biggest drop was in the Counties Manukau East area which has has seen a drop of 18.8 per cent. That area covers from Otara to Maraetai, Howick and Half Moon Bay.

Categories where recorded offences fell the most include homicide and related offences (-61.5 per cent); public order offences (-25.1 per cent); acts intended to cause injury (-15.2 per cent); and abduction, harassment and other related offences against a person (-14.6 per cent).

But burglaries across the district are up 6 per cent on the previous year, Mr Tims says.

Theft and other related offences – not including burglary – make up 30.9 per cent of Counties Manukau’s recorded crime.

‘‘This year we have focused on targeting property crime and it remains a key priority for the district,’’ Mr Tims says.

‘‘We have especially focused on repeat offenders, locations and victims. Anecdotally, this has resulted in the first two months of this fiscal year seeing a decrease compared to last year.

‘‘We will to continue to prevent burglaries and in turn, prevent residents from becoming victims of crime.

Police across the district remain committed to implementing the Prevention First strategy, ‘‘ which puts victims at the heart of policing, preventing crime before it occurs, to ensure all residents can be safe’’.

Mr Tims says police understand positive results will follow from working with the community and partners.

A drop of 11.1 per cent in total crime for the district per head of population is the lowest recorded for the past 17 years, he says.

Recorded crime also continues to drop on a national level, with offences dropping by 5.2 per cent from the previous year.  (Manukau Courier)
Okay the truth to this lie is simple,
Crime in South Auckland is less reported than the statistics show.
Fear of retaliation and  mismanagement by police and the court systems as well as the criminals themselves has brought the reported crime rate down.
Yet there seems to be more racial attacks everyday and racially motivated crimes.
South Auckland suburbs all have their own racial mixes with whites being the minority in all suburbs.
In Glendon and Mangere the Islanders rule. Manurewa and Papatoetoe, Indians rule. Papakura, Maori rule.
Manukau, Asians rule.

Whites have a say only in their small select minorities and then it falls upon a corrupt City Council and Government ear, that has fallen to political correctness and plan out childish antics.
Community patrols try to help bring the unreported crimes down but these patrols only work days so in fact are less effective to their communities by not continuing patrols during the night when most crime happens.
The Maori wardens and Pacific wardens are essentially a joke as they are funded by the Council and local racial movements (Maraes and Island Church groups).
The CPNZ are senior citizens who drive around South Auckland in Crimewatch cars who tag id plates and are essentially a busy body group, with no real impact to the crime rate.
There are more Islanders and Indians in the whole entire South Auckland than Asians which is saying something considering that the suburbs of Pakuranga and Howick are Asian strongholds.
Glendon itself is known as Mini Samoa and Otara and Mangere are known as villages of Samoa.
So in my opinion, I am not against the Asians here, I don't like them and I don't like they are invading this country but next to the Islanders and Indians they are also a minority.
The Islanders bring a whole network of primitive trouble being that of violence, crime and racial hate towards the White population that are already dwindling here.

Michael Darque
South Auckland RWR
New Zealand.

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