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Friday, 31 January 2014

What does our flag mean?


The following was written by a guest writer , whose opinions may differ from those of RWR. Their inclusion should not be construed as endorsement of them.

A history of standing strong and proud. Not just a history, but a culture has been designed under that flag. Thousands of people have fought and died under our flag. And now it seems like our flag and identity under that flag is under attack. By people put in power, to speak for us, to stand up for us. to listen to our views and respect them and respect what and who have come before them. Now there's all sorts of left wing talk screaming through our parliament about changing not only our flag, but our identity as a colony and becoming a republic. This country has become what it has and we have built what we have under that flag and our colonial identity. The so- called leaders of this country are attempting to destroy our flag and identity. they want it all changed. Do we want a black flag with silver fern? HELL NO! Do we want a flag with some Maori design on it? HELL NO! it's the normal every day working class men and women who have built this country into what it is, and we ALL need to stand up and say with one voice NO! WE DO NOT WANT IT CHANGED! We love our country. We love our history and we love our culture and identity. To change that would be an ultimate sin! We cannot allow this to happen, and the so called man in charge of our country is the ringleader behind this. How he can even call himself a man I shall never know. He bows down to every different nation and demand from Maori, never standing strong. This so called man will be the death of our flag and identity as a former British colony. We have our own courts, government, and systems, and are no longer a colony. Our flag shows that us NZ Europeans have somewhere we belong, somewhere we have come from to build this country, and for all their big talk the Maori weren't the first ones here, their own legends contain the "turehu" a fair skinned, red headed race who were here when they landed. So I ask who do these people in Parliament think they are? Not listening to the masses when spoken to? Do they really think they know better than the everyday hard working Joe Bloggs who does nothing but work his knuckles to the bone to support his family? Because I know better than them. I know how this country should be. It should be somewhere we can be proud to call home. Somewhere we all stand up to fight for. This is my damn country, my damn identity and I love my flag just the way it is!.

Northern White Boy

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