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Monday, 17 February 2014

Auckland and the frontline of invasion.

As we prepare for next weeks Auckland meeting its good to reflect on the up and down nature of the Auckland White Nationalist movement.

Over the years there have been some great active leadership in Auckland that brought about a strong following. At one time the Auckland National Front had the strongest branch in New Zealand. At other times there have been groups in Auckland with good numbers and a strong footing in their areas.

So why the down time? Unfortunately life becomes the issue. There is always a turnover of people in active organisations, some get pressure from wives and family to be less involved, some have work commitments, some burn out as they go too hard out in a short amount of time and some are just soft and can't handle the jandle.

When the leadership fades so does the membership. A good leader can hold onto a branch and just keep it going. A great leader can expand, get regular action going and create a movement people are attracted to. A great leader pushes the boundaries and shows his people that some self sacrifice is needed and how important our movement is. When people are dedicated less things bother them. They are more willing to cope with some bad media (an essential part of fighting a system supported by globalist media networks who hate Nationalism) or a few pathetic txt threats phones calls and negative emails.

For some of us if we are not getting the negative feedback from our political enemies (including the media) then we are not doing a good enough job. We must provoke our enemy to prove how hypocritical they are and how low they will go in trying to destroy our freedom and stop our progress.

At the end of the day we are looking for strong people who have a focus type character. In a city with nearly 2 million people (with nearly a Million white people, surely there are a few more like minded folk then many would say. In Fact I suspect there is a large number of people who bite their tongue when they see Manukau Mall, the Centre City or many of the smaller shopping centers overwhelmed with Foreign immigrants speaking a large variety of languages but rarely English. Maybe its the people stuck in rental property because Asian property investment and immigration has pushed up the price of a house beyond the reach of many working class families. Or maybe even more serious is the safety of those in South Auckland and other areas so overwhelmed with third world immigration that its now unsafe to walk the streets. Surely some of these people are hardening to the shame based propaganda that keeps their mouths shut and made them scared to speak out.

We would recommend people look into Detroit, or the overwhelmed cities in France, Belgium and England to see how bad too many non European Immigrants can get. Auckland is going down this downward trend along with many key European colonised or Continental Cities.

In Auckland you notice areas with larger numbers of one culture than others, some are Indian, some Chinese, some Muslim. All carving their place into the New Zealand landscape, all a threat, and each present themselves in a different way. But ultimately they all dilute New Zealand cultural growth and self determination.

Many New Zealand cities are affected by Chinese mass immigration, but its most obvious in Auckland. Even their mayor has succumbed to low morals from the Asian east. A culture full of corruption scandals and deceit. Mayor Len couldn't keep it in his pants and he not only nearly lost his family but also his job. The person behind it is what we believe to be a Chinese Government agitator. She has played with politics and media for a few years. She has got into the bed of a major player and she has damaged the credibility and character of the Mayor of New Zealand's largest city. This issue alone will be rousing some suspicions and concern among the Auckland New Zealand population, surely...

China is a threat. They target port cities and trading centres for take over. Only a blind idiot would not see it, so what does that say about the sheeple in New Zealand and the politicians, either the Government is in on it or they are so stupid they shouldn't be allowed to have their jobs.

Its time to move in the north, we proclaim it the "Northern Front". We will be the underground resistance in some regards, but also we declare we will build a true protest movement there to fight the multicultural tools that will destroy our Nation along with the corrupt, greedy people bent on selling us out to the most evil global empire on earth (China). This is why we have created the Northern Wolves Division.

New Zealand First is now infiltrated by communists, and is adopting more and more Political Correct ideas to appease its growing left membership, The Conservative party may have some good points but they suck up to pro Asian capitalists and are just another tool to split the conservative patriot vote.

Join the Resistance! Take your place in the only movement that can make a difference...

Kyle Chapman

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