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Monday, 17 February 2014

New Zealand Nationalism


What does it mean to be a New Zealand Nationalist? There are some people who think being a Nationalist consists primarily of flag-waving, sports loving and shallow jingoism and parochialism.

New Zealanders are no exception, and in fact are often at the fore-front of this faux-Nationalism, this sham of an ideology.  Waving the flag , being a keen sports fan, by singing the national anthem, doing the Haka and by making foreigners at home and abroad aware that not only does New Zealand exist - but that it is the best country in the world and that all other countries cannot compete. No other country is as beautiful and on and on go the superlatives and aggrandizing over even the smallest achievement. Many Kiwis think that by these actions, they are proving their love for New Zealand and are therefore a Nationalist. But when you look at their ideas more closely, you see they are at best indifferent or at the worst  a globalist at heart

But Nationalism is very different to mere jingoism, or "my country is best!" It is the love of your country in spite of - and sometimes because of its flaws. It is a deep and abiding dedication to see your country grow, prosper and be peaceful.


The need for leadership and unity

Nationalism in New Zealand in general and White Nationalism in particular needs leadership, and good leadership too. But why do we need leaders?

It stands to reason that for any venture to succeed, two things must be present, leadership, and unity.

Unless there is strong, capable leadership, the followers will not have a rallying point, nor a figure in whom they can invest their energies. Without leaders a group is but a mob, and mobs do nothing constructive.

Likewise without unity (which can be formed under good leadership) a group falls to infighting due to competing ideas about the aims, goals and means of a group. Disunity can be exploited by enemies to destroy a group that may threaten it at the ballot or in the hearts, and the minds of the public. This is exactly the sort of thing we must strive to avoid even when someone's words or actions offend us, we should think not only of ourselves, but of the group. In their infancy, groups must do their utmost to ensure that personal squabbles do not spread, with both members trying to recruit comrades to "their side". In any group, be it a family or a factory, their must be no "sides" within, all are one.

We are in the middle of a culture war; the battle lines have been blurred and the fight takes place on many fields. In education, entertainment and the media we have been outflanked and we are outnumbered.

But! But. As Voltaire once said, God is not on the side of the big battalions, but of the best shots.* We may be out numbered, and we may not have the same opportunities as our foes, but we are all the more dedicated for it. We desire only the right to self determination for our people, the freedom of our lands from all interlopers and traitors. We would see our homelands strong and independent! My desire is Europe for Europeans, for Europeans to be able to celebrate their culture, enjoy their countries without interference from within or from abroad. And I also desire that Europeans living in former colonies have the right to maintain and practice their culture in what is for most of them the only homeland they know and want.

We have been European for millennia, as Europeans, we must unite. I truly believe that once a strong leader (or leaders) arises we can first stem, and then turn the tide. We MUST succeed, we CAN succeed!

So! To those of you who love your folk, your nation and your very blood I call you to solidarity! I am not a rabble-rouser,  but I feel compelled - for the sake of my folk to encourage you all in whatever small way I can. I can only hope that maybe these words will not have been typed in vain, and that someone out there will read them and be prompted to become a leader.

Every man, woman and child has the ability, nay the duty, to help his national comrades. Many a great leader of the past has emphasised the fact that when a people unite under a competent leader there is nothing they cannot do! History is full of examples of a people being seemingly irreversibly laid low, only for them to suddenly burst into new life with new-found vigour!
Within a New Zealand context, we must return to the idea of a bi-cultural nation. Many New Zealanders have mixed Maori and European heritage and the founding document of this country declared that its aim was to create a new land where two peoples worked together in peace to make a great nation. It did not intend separatism, or special benefits for one group and not the other.

Do not fear any oppression, take heart and carry on boldly! Never falter, never retreat and never surrender! They may oppress us, they may even murder us, but we will never surrender! Do not go on the defensive, but attack always. Counter every smear and accusation with the same. Question their claims, and expose their lies. But if met with violence or lies, slander or libel we will take appropriate action. Obstinate resistance will not avail the Marxists when White people of the world break the shackles and awaken into righteous anger. Our nations will be restored one way or another.

I must most emphatically state that we do not wish to kill any innocents for whatever reason. White Nationalism will be - and indeed is now dedicated to halting the slow, cunning and pernicious genocide against the White Peoples. We are not being rounded up and done away with violently, but we are being crowded out of our towns and cities, we are being subjected to propaganda encouraging us to limit our numbers. Abortion and the promotion of homosexuality and race-mixing being the main ways that our enemies are incrementally destroying the White races. Every nation (whether in possession of a state or not) has the right to exist as a separate, distinct group. From the remotest Papua New Guinea jungle tribes to the Inuit, every culture and race is worthy of preservation. Humanity is a wonderfully diverse species, and the loss of that diversity is something I oppose. Just as equally, I believe that a nation-state must be strong, and so far as is possible independent. The nation must own the means of production - electric generation, minerals, land not privately owned and anything of national significance should be held in trust by the government. National's drive to partially sell off the state assets is so blatantly against the interests of New Zealand, that even Party members oppose it. The citizens initiated referendum that was overwhelmingly against it has been ignored with cavalier arrogance by the Prime Minister, whose final loyalty lies outside of New Zealand.  

His anti-Nationalism has been further demonstrated by his recent remark that he would like to see a discussion about changing the flag. Thousands of New Zealand men and women have served under that flag putting their lives on the line in war and through going to dangerous natural disaster areas throughout the world. Many of them did not return, falling in the line of duty to fight for that flag and everything it stands for. To change the flag, would be an insult to the memories of those who fell and an attempt to deny an important part of New Zealand's identity. I am proud to say that we at RWR are firmly opposing this latest assault on the flag. 

Our enemies laugh now, they discredit us as deluded adherents of a dead ideology. Our enemies believe that the future of Europe and white founded nations is one in which we are minorities in our own lands, where all manner of perversions are touted as being equal to heterosexual monogamy. They would take away all privacy, and everything you said, did or even thought could be used against you. We see this already when a public figure has their private life used to silence them if it suits the people in control. That is why a leader must be purer than the driven snow. Even the slightest indiscretion can and will be used to attack an enemy.

If you do not wish to see this become reality then you know what you must do, for if the worst comes to pass could you live with yourself knowing you might have prevented it? If however the crimes of this age aren't apparent to you, continue watching Hollywood films, and mass media on the TV, secure in your torpor.

And finally, if you must ask who is leading the attack on White people, you're not ready to be told.


*Dieu n'est pas du côté des gros bataillons, mais du côté de ceux qui tirent le mieux.

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