moon action

moon action

Monday, 24 February 2014

Protest Report

Hamilton RWR unit joined in an anti herbal high protest outside an Asian shop today, and got great local feed back. These herbal highs are made by Chinese companies and are linked with Government umbrella companies. These drugs are killing people and ruining families and causing major health problems, but the government's trade deals and taxes earned are ensuring the continued use of these horrid products.

Although this was a small protest it is just the start, and with high numbers of local support we suspect we will get more interest in future protests, We are looking at making it a weekly event with protests at each shop in the city. 

This was an initiative started by other people. However it is one we feel is effective for us to be part of. Not only is the product made by Asians killing New Zealanders and making money for Global companies, the shops themselves are mostly owned and operated by Asians who have no interest in the local community or its well being.

Since we have started being involved in this the picture is clear, broken families, death, permanent health issues and overwhelming addiction leading to crime and all sorts of negative behaviour. 
We have stories of lost loved ones, people having to resuscitate people right outside the shop who passed out from it. Respiratory issues seem to be the most common side effect but who knows what else comes from the toxins in these products, anything made in China that is digested is bound to have chemicals from pollutants that are not declared.

There are options open in the legislature for City Councils to act based on public health, conduct and criminal links. But in many cities including Hamilton the council is very slow to act, which leaves this writer wondering who is getting back pocket deals from such industries. Not only is our country getting into third world health and safety issues along with poverty and basic bad management from Government, but corruption is growing at every level protecting the evil global companies bent on profit at the expense of New Zealand citizens.

Your community pays for it!
Health issues drain taxes, crime issues drain police resources, prisons drain our taxes (our prisons are getting more and more herbal high addicted criminals), and the safety on the streets around these chops is a serious community issue, we had people telling us how they cant carry money or their wallets any more because of the threat of robbery.

90% of the people who passed tooted and gave the thumbs up, along with 60-70% of the people walking by. People are sick of this in their communities. 

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