moon action

moon action

Sunday, 30 March 2014

RWR At TPPA demonstations around the country


Great action for RWRNZ

We especially commend the Auckland Guys who with five  members went to a communist Mana Party event and were surrounded and outnumbered by the cowards who attacked one of our people who was alone and on crutches. Showing once again what scum they are. They are not interested in unity, only left wing domination, jumping on the back of culture and National interests with a pretense to care, but while just pushing their extreme left internationalist anti New Zealand agendas.

In CHCH things went totally different, with more rational people involved the locals appreciated the RWR presence as a sign of National solidarity.

The biggest scam of the lefties is that they support globalization through their support of multiculturalism.
Thats why they are hell bent on stopping us speaking out. But we will not stop. Their threats against our families, our organisations and their unruly and hate filled attacks when they out number us is a sign of how low they will go. Just like the murdering scum in every socialist revolutionary force in history.
Here is Mana with Socialist staying so close they look like homo lovers. I suspect the guy taking pictures among them is some gov spy guy.
Here are some more pics from RWR members there. We will add more as we get them.

Signing our life away for anti TPPA

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