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Saturday, 19 July 2014


NEW ZEALAND POLITICAL ELECTIONS: 2 MONTHS TO GO. As a Kiwi voter, I wanna make sure that my vote is going to a Kiwi party doing the interests of my country, not the interests of a foreign one (e.g. China). Is Winston Peters (NZ First Party) the only politician fighting nowadays for the interests of New Zealand? Is the National Party paving the way for Auckland to become a Down Under Hong Kong? A reasonable answer to these questions would be nice. I do not think Dame Shipley is doing the interests of Our Country. It looks like she's keen to join the political and economic cause of China. Her last move is not very clever as well because the New Zealand Political Elections are very close (20 September). Not good advertising for the National Party. Maybe they are too confident they will win again. Beware, National guys! Just two months to go! It will be a democratic fight until the last vote. It's up to you to convince the electors you are doing the interests of this country. A very hard task, I would say...

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