moon action

moon action

Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Hail Brothers and Sisters! 5 YEARS GONE AND RWR-NZ IS STILL VERY MUCH ALIVE. This organisation is mostly a Movement of Activists. There are new people and areas now on board; some old members quit. That's life. As RWR members, you're basically frontline guys. It means you must be active and proactive. All the members know the policies of this org. Sometimes you follow the Leader of the Unit of your Area; sometimes there are no leaders in your area. Don't panic! Don't be shy! Be your own leader and do something yourself. This is an election year in New Zealand. 2 months to go, guys! 20 September is not far. It's really time to get active again. Your vote is important as well, even if it's going to a non-winner party. It's your link to your community. Being a RWR-guy, you're much valued, cos you're part of the programme, not on the sideline. Be confident in yourself. Don't wait for someone else to do it. E.g. Get some posters up. Do some flyers. Do some protest action. Keep in touch with your brothers. Action means continuity and positive attitude. Trust yourself. If you need help or more information just call or txt RWR-NZ HD & NORTHERN WOLVES (Hamilton-based) on 027-2579269. Cheers! Kingsland Wolf (AUCKLAND & NORTHERN WOLVES Media and Communication)

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