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Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Former Labour Rangitata electorate candidate Steve Gibson has quit the party after being threatened with expulsion, saying he wants to be a "normal person" again. Gibson said he left after receiving the ultimatum from a Labour Party campaign member on Saturday. He had earlier argued about candidate gender quotas on the Twitter website with Labour supporters whom he described as a "lefty hatesquad" of "penny annie [sic] toytown tools". Although Gibson admitted he had brought criticism on himself from the people he had called "twitter twats", he believed he "did the best with what I had" in his electorate contest, where incumbent MP Jo Goodhew's majority more than doubled. In a written statement, Gibson thanked the 8156 voters who preferred him as their candidate. The campaign had taught him an important lesson: "Be careful what you say." Party leader David Cunliffe refused to support Gibson after he described Prime Minister John Key as "Shonky Jonkey Shylock", criticised Cunliffe's "Mr Soft-arse softly softly" approach to the election campaign and made a series of strongly worded criticisms of government policy. Gibson now disavows any association with the Labour Party. He said: "I do not need a cabal of strangers with their cadres of disingenuous stooges to stroke my ego." He suggested Christchurch East MP Poto Williams would be a good candidate to lead the party, which he said needed to involve "middle New Zealand". "She's a young Maori married woman with kids". Gibson, a DVS salesman, had earlier considered auctioning his Labour T-shirt to provide income for his wife and daughter. He was now "scraping by" after a financially draining campaign, and believed it would be "better for me, my family, my state of mind, to just go back to being a normal person". LINK:

Monday, 29 September 2014


It cited New Zealand among 13 allies providing humanitarian aid - New Zealand has given $1 million to the United Nations refugee agency for Iraq since June. "[Isis] is a clear threat to peace and security and New Zealand welcomes the determined efforts to address this global threat," the spokeswoman said. But the US had not asked New Zealand for support in the air strikes against Isis. New Zealand's air force no longer has a combat arm. The Government expects to receive advice on how New Zealand could provide further assistance to the international effort to counter Isis over the coming weeks. Foreign Minister Murray McCully attended a United Nations Security Council meeting last week which unanimously backed a resolution aimed at blocking funding and training for Isis and to prevent the travel of foreign terrorist fighters associated with the group. Mr Key told TVNZ's Breakfast show that intelligence agencies were monitoring New Zealanders who showed an allegiance to the Islamic state. "We know there are people fighting for instance in Syria [who are] foreign fighters and we know that there [is] a group of people looking to leave. "So the genuine role of the intelligence agencies is to monitor those people," he said. "They often know that we are monitoring them when we talk to them, they are known to us and they know that we know. "Isis was very well funded and well organised, he said."So they present a very credible threat. I think the challenge for everyone is how to deal with that." No decision had been made on sending troops to Syria, he said. LINK:

Sunday, 28 September 2014


Labour MPs David Cunliffe and Grant Robertson are chasing the toughest job in New Zealand politics - lifting Labour out of the political wilderness. The pair yesterday confirmed their intention to secure the party's leadership, which is set to be decided by a party-wide vote most likely to take place in December. It follows Cunliffe's announcement yesterday that he would formally resign as leader on Tuesday, a decision which will trigger Labour's leadership primary run-off. But in a decision that will further confound his critics, he will enter that contest in a bid to win his job back. Soon after Cunliffe's announcement, Robertson also confirmed he will enter, and said the election result showed it was time for a new generation of leadership and change for Labour. It is also possible the field will get bigger; David Shearer and Andrew Little are yet to rule out having a go themselves. Not all of Cunliffe's critics in caucus are fans of Robertson and some are pondering alternatives. The contest is unlikely to happen until the end of the year, with Labour's Council aiming to have a review of the election completed by the start of December and many in caucus want the review completed before the leadership is decided. Despite the blood-letting in Caucus last week, Cunliffe said he was confident he would be able to reassert control over the MPs if he was re-elected leader. He said some of their comments over the past week had been hard to take and "ill-judged". But he said they were were professional and capable of putting the party's interests first. However, he is already facing criticism for not putting the party's interests first himself by not standing down fully. Yesterday, one MP said his "non-decision" was disappointing and had damaged the party when it needed a clean break. "It just plays into the well-accepted view that we are a party that can't run ourselves. Now that's going to be the perception for a while to come." Cunliffe was confident he still had strong support across the members and unions that handed him the job last year. Robertson said this contest was a completely different ball game — despite having the same contestants. He did not believe Cunliffe's prior resounding victory with the members and unionists would be repeated this time given the election results. "This starts from scratch. A lot has happened in the last year and I'm confident I can get support across all three groups." If Little opts against standing or is tipped out of Parliament on the final results of the election, his support could prove critical for one of the others because of his ability to deliver the union vote. He is likely to side with Robertson if there are no other contenders. One of Cunliffe's 2013 supporters, Iain Lees Galloway, would not comment when asked if he would support Cunliffe again, but said he was pleased there would be a contest for the role. "I think the membership will appreciate being given the opportunity to have a say." After Cunliffe's announcement yesterday, Labour Party president Moira Coatsworth said the party would decide by Thursday when that contest would be. It will not formally be triggered until Cunliffe officially resigns at caucus on Tuesday. LINK:

Saturday, 27 September 2014


David Cunliffe has stood down as leader of the Labour Party but will contest the leadership. Mr Cunliffe made the announcement after a meeting of the party's council in Auckland on Saturday. He resigns effective from Tuesday, but says he will put himself forward for a leadership contest. LINK:

Friday, 26 September 2014


STRANGE THINGS HAPPEN IN POLITICS THESE DAYS. Mister David Cunliffe (Leader of the Labour Party) is on his break. It looks like strange. How can he be on his break in a moment like this? Labour is in crisis. Mr Cunliffe said:'Not a good result' about the Elections' verdict: 24,62%. Actually it was a disaster. The worst Labour result since 1922. He talks euphemistically. Basically he should resign from his position. Maybe he has already resigned but secretly to avoid the Labour falling into Chaos and Despair. I was wondering...Is Labour facing a sort of "closing down"? If the backers quit, and there is not a clear new leadership with 'guts', what's going to happen to this historical Kiwi party? Maybe Chinese will take over Labour's brand. They buy anything as long as it's Kiwi. And they are from a Communist Country. Probably Labour could be more successful having Chinese candidates on board than Maori ones. Sign of the times.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


20 SEPT 2014 - NATIONAL PARTY 48,13% - LOVE IT OR HATE IT, I would say: 'WOW! That's a Great Result.' I could say National Party have been seen as a cautious Labour Party. That's why it's still very popular. But it's possible to read this result in a different way, maybe CONTROVERSIAL. But we cannot just ignore the reality if we want to try to understand the reasons of the NATIONAL LANDSLIDE at its core. When you have to vote, you realise that there are TWO NEW ZEALAND. It looks like that Our Country is run by a sort of schizofrenic and South African-style SOFT APARTHEID. Non-Maori people vote in the Main Electorates; Maori people have got their own Electorates. WHY? Is this fair and DEMOCRATIC? Maori people vote mostly Labour Party. Their attempts to set up Maori parties have got very poor results: Maori Party have got two MPs; Internet-Mana zero. There are no National Maori candidates. I could say Labour is the fav party of Maori people. If Maori parties don't work and Maori just vote Labour, why they do not vote in Main Electorates? Labour Party got a bad result (David Cunliffe says euphemistically: 'Not a good result') on Sept 20: 24,62%. Non-Maori New Zealanders are European/American/African/Asian-born and New Zealand European Kiwis as ethnicity. They are basically the majority of the New Zealanders and they have chosen National as their Mainstream and moderate party. Love it or hate it, that's a Fact. APARTHEID: an Afrikaans word meaning 'the State of Being Apart'.

Monday, 22 September 2014


Labour have struggled to make an impression since Helen Clark and Michael Cullen departed after their 2008 election loss. They struggled under Phil Goff. They struggled more under David Shearer. And they continue to struggle under David Cunliffe. It must be more than a leadership deficit. The Labour caucus and the Labour Party machinery seem to be in perpetual struggle mode. In the last few days alone – launching their election year, a time when it was essential Cunliffe and Labour made a strong impression – Labour have lurched from embarrassment to stuff-up. Their ‘baby bonus’ launch has been overwhelmed by controversies. As well as strong criticism for offering people on high incomes a baby benefit the policy has been beset by controversy and David Cunliffe has had to admit he made mistaken claims. And amongst this Dunedin North MP David Clark, once promoted as a fast riser in the Labour ranks – Shearer promoted him to 12 in the Labour rankings – has made a major blooper suggesting the Government should be able to threaten to ban use of Facebook if the multinational didn’t pay enough tax. 3 News reported: Banning Facebook was an extreme suggestion from Labour Party MP David Clark – and it took party leader David Cunliffe just 24 hours to shut it down. Mr Cunliffe has now ruled it out completely, but ridicule from the Government still came hard and fast. Just 24 hours? That was far too long, this embarrassment should have been dealt with swiftly. It wasn’t. In yesterday’s post David Clark attacked from all sides on Facebook farce ‘Goldie’ commented on the litany of Labour errors. The comment by Kiwi in America is spot on. First, it underlines the lack of talent in the Labour caucus. Dunedin is a Labour stronghold, so the MPs should be the stars of the party – instead you have Clare Curran and David Clark. Second, it shows the lack of discipline in Labour – there is absolutely no way, when the policy focus should have been the “baby bonus”, that Clark should have been permitted to talk on anything else. Cunliffe’s office is not operating as it should. It lacks grip over its MPs, and can’t control its own issues (witness the speed with which the “baby bonus” policy got derailed). Third, Labour have not been able to uncover a single major scandal on the Government and Labour have not been able to make a single policy that has not been widely shredded within days in three years. It says to me that the political machinery behind the scenes – the party researchers and advisers – have become “hollowed out”. In contrast, the Greens are busy, focused and confident. They have the great advantage of not needing to appeal to either centre or apathetic voters, but only to people who are going to vote left anyway. As National look increasingly like they will win the election, left-leaning voters will have less reason to stay disciplined to Labour, and will “shop around” (like what happened to National in 2002). Labour face disaster at the next election. It’s very early in election year but Labour, who desperately needed a strong start, have stuffed up again. And again. Unless Cunliffe can transform himself into a strong and positive alternative (too many mistakes and too much sneering snark), unless the Labour caucus can look united and competent, unless the Labour media machine can provide competent advise and support and unless the Labour Party can function effectively then it’s on the cards that Labour could face disaster at the next election. If that happens it will be bad for New Zealand politics. We need strong party leadership and performance, especially from the large parties. Labour is losing it’s way, losing credibility. If this continues we all lose. Update: It appears to be continuing unabated. Good grief. David Parker this time, in Parliament yesterday. See Labour says Apple et al plundering NZ economy. LINK:

Sunday, 21 September 2014


NZ POLITICAL ELECTIONS 2014: A QUICK COMMENT. NATIONAL Party overwinning cos they look like a cautious Labour Party. 'Nasty' INTERNET-MANA: OUCH! Maori are not good in Politics. 'Strange' CONSERVATIVES: gone! LABOUR Party: 'Blood on the floor' coming soon. 'When 75% of the electorate say they don't want Labour, you have to do something different.' MAYBE. Good results for NZ FIRST and GREENS. NEXT GAME: 2017.

Thursday, 18 September 2014


GOT THE FIRST REPORT FROM VAUGHAN TOCKER AS THE NEW NORTHERN WOLVES COMMANDER. FEEDBACK about it are welcome. As WOLVES and Supporters, you can have your say. Help your Commander to do the Best for you. Comments, Complaints, Concerns? Call or txt RWR/HQ (Hamilton) on 027-2579269. E-mail: HERE THE REPORT: "To my Right Wing Brothers and Sisters. Hail! It seems our Members numbers have dropped a little. That doesn't bother us. What we have left is elite members. We would rather have a few good members than a boatload of Transformers. Kyle, our Leader has been working hard on promoting Helping the Homeless and Poverty Watch. Well done Brother. If our Members are not in a position to be able to feed the poor, I don't want you to stress about it, help who you can. Donate food parcels or money to Foodbank. I am a Member to Life Flight Trust I pay a monthly Donation and have received my Red Wings in appreciation. I see it as helping the sick and hurt in New Zealand. I am also a member of Greenpeace. I donate Monthly Polutin and Animal cruelty and Extinction. I am a Major in the Right Wing Resistance of New Zealand , Commanding Officer of the North Island. Here to Enlighten the Western World on European Genocide and about the dangers of Multiculturalism and Forced Integration of Immigrants and the Cultures they are bringing to New Zealand. I have set up a Facebook which has brought World Wide problems to our followers and to the public of New Zealand. I support Kyle our Leader , unconditionally. I am prepared to die if necessary to protect our Race. Even tho I know I'm no good to anyone dead. It will be hard to organise Marches and Protests because our numbers are spread and members have found it expensive in the past to travel. Dont be discouraged. Our Actions and Flyers have had an impact on political views . New Zealand First wanting to stop Immigration and the Conservatives wanting to stop the sale of our land to Overseas investors with other Parties adopting similar views. John Key is a Rouge businessman who Makes massive profit from putting companies and Countries into debt. He must be aware of the problems integration is causing in other countries and the mass genocide of our European Race. Soppressing this Information is no solution . We need to continue to inform Europeans any way we can. If Cunliffe wins and coalitions with enough Minority Parties he could run the Country over the next 3 years. I would like to see our members really promote our Resistance Party. Get Membership forms and encourage whoever will listen to join the Resistance. Kyle is a Great Leader: support him. When we March or Protest I will travel and bring members if I can. Keep in contact and support each other. We are a Political Party. I will try to support and encourage every member and try and set up Units in every Province. Our Leader has told me to do what I have to do. My word for this month is Survival - of our Race Homeland and Right Wing Resistance New Zealand. Kingsland Wolf our Editor has contacted me and provided his e-mail address and a site link. Hail Brother! Since my Promotion I have travelled to Levin and had an Area meeting where we swore in Karleen as Palmeston North Unit Leader, our first Woman Unit leader. Hail! Aaron was sworn into his New Zealand shirt. Hail! Every member with a New Zealand t-shirt should be paying fees and a Registered member of the Resistance Party. Dave is my Warrant Officer and has travelled to Masterton twice to see me for discussions. I travelled to Paraparaumu for a Meeting with our World Leader where I was further promoted to Major and Area Commander. I've travelled to Wellington for a meeting with Steve our Kernal. We discussed Fees and appraised our Bank Statement. There is much much more to do , good things take time. I talk to other World Wide Leaders on European English and African issues. These are alarming. Help me save New Zealand and our European Culture and Heritage and Essentially the European Race. Major Tocker Commanding Officer North Island Right Wing Resistance New Zealand"

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


SOME GUYS ON FACEBOOK are menacing 'Riots and Looting', should the National Party win the Political Elections democratically held in New Zealand on September 20. These are not RIGHT WING RESISTANCE policies. Any RWR guy or officer joining 'Riots and Looting' will get in troubles with the Police. Beware and Be Responsible. Don't forget to vote. FACEBOOK EVENT: 20 SEPT Nationwide looting and riots if National win.

Sunday, 14 September 2014


TO MAKE VOTING EASIER take your EASYVOTE card with you. And vote close to home. SIX DAYS TO GO!

Friday, 12 September 2014


NEW ZEALAND NATIONAL FRONT is organising the NZ FLAG DAY in Wellington on October 18. This year RWR is not joining the event in an official way. Any RWR guy willing to be in Wellington, can go but they are not allowed to wear their RWR tees or insignia. If you need more information about this event, check NEW ZEALAND NATIONAL FRONT's website and Facebook (Events). If you've got concerns about this official position, please call or txt RWR on 027-2579269. E-mail: (INFORMATION FROM HEAD OFFICE)

Monday, 8 September 2014


FEW WEEKS AGO VAUGHAN TOCKER has been promoted to the rank of Major. RWR has now brought Northern and Central Divisions together and Vaughan is Commanding Officer of the North Island of New Zealand for Right Wing Resistance. He takes this position seriously and promises to all to do his very best. The last couple of weeks he's been overwhelmed, being not sure where to start. What he sees Worldwide has disturbed him even: a Descent into the Abyss of the Modern World. He's been mostly active contacting members. We'll keep you updated about his activities.

Saturday, 6 September 2014


HAIL NORTHERN WOLVES! IT'S SATURDAY. TIME TO RELAX. Buy your fav beers and rent a nice DVD. I suggest you DEAD SNOW, a Cult Horror Movie from NORWAY, easily available from Madman/Asylum. It's about 'Nazis, Zombies and Chainsaws'. Have some twisted fun and you will feel much better. Colonel HERZOG doesn't talk but it doesn't matter. He's an unforgettable character. A bit similar to some gory Peter Jackson's flicks, DEAD SNOW is a clever movie to have a good time. Festivals: 2009 Sundance and New Zealand International FF.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


FORGIVEN SONS is a new Christian Social Club, active on the ground to give support to KIWI HOMELESS (Some of these people are really DESPERATE: they do need SOCIAL HELP). You can find more information about it on Facebook. LINK: