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Friday, 26 September 2014


STRANGE THINGS HAPPEN IN POLITICS THESE DAYS. Mister David Cunliffe (Leader of the Labour Party) is on his break. It looks like strange. How can he be on his break in a moment like this? Labour is in crisis. Mr Cunliffe said:'Not a good result' about the Elections' verdict: 24,62%. Actually it was a disaster. The worst Labour result since 1922. He talks euphemistically. Basically he should resign from his position. Maybe he has already resigned but secretly to avoid the Labour falling into Chaos and Despair. I was wondering...Is Labour facing a sort of "closing down"? If the backers quit, and there is not a clear new leadership with 'guts', what's going to happen to this historical Kiwi party? Maybe Chinese will take over Labour's brand. They buy anything as long as it's Kiwi. And they are from a Communist Country. Probably Labour could be more successful having Chinese candidates on board than Maori ones. Sign of the times.

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