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Tuesday, 23 September 2014


20 SEPT 2014 - NATIONAL PARTY 48,13% - LOVE IT OR HATE IT, I would say: 'WOW! That's a Great Result.' I could say National Party have been seen as a cautious Labour Party. That's why it's still very popular. But it's possible to read this result in a different way, maybe CONTROVERSIAL. But we cannot just ignore the reality if we want to try to understand the reasons of the NATIONAL LANDSLIDE at its core. When you have to vote, you realise that there are TWO NEW ZEALAND. It looks like that Our Country is run by a sort of schizofrenic and South African-style SOFT APARTHEID. Non-Maori people vote in the Main Electorates; Maori people have got their own Electorates. WHY? Is this fair and DEMOCRATIC? Maori people vote mostly Labour Party. Their attempts to set up Maori parties have got very poor results: Maori Party have got two MPs; Internet-Mana zero. There are no National Maori candidates. I could say Labour is the fav party of Maori people. If Maori parties don't work and Maori just vote Labour, why they do not vote in Main Electorates? Labour Party got a bad result (David Cunliffe says euphemistically: 'Not a good result') on Sept 20: 24,62%. Non-Maori New Zealanders are European/American/African/Asian-born and New Zealand European Kiwis as ethnicity. They are basically the majority of the New Zealanders and they have chosen National as their Mainstream and moderate party. Love it or hate it, that's a Fact. APARTHEID: an Afrikaans word meaning 'the State of Being Apart'.

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