moon action

moon action

Thursday, 18 September 2014


GOT THE FIRST REPORT FROM VAUGHAN TOCKER AS THE NEW NORTHERN WOLVES COMMANDER. FEEDBACK about it are welcome. As WOLVES and Supporters, you can have your say. Help your Commander to do the Best for you. Comments, Complaints, Concerns? Call or txt RWR/HQ (Hamilton) on 027-2579269. E-mail: HERE THE REPORT: "To my Right Wing Brothers and Sisters. Hail! It seems our Members numbers have dropped a little. That doesn't bother us. What we have left is elite members. We would rather have a few good members than a boatload of Transformers. Kyle, our Leader has been working hard on promoting Helping the Homeless and Poverty Watch. Well done Brother. If our Members are not in a position to be able to feed the poor, I don't want you to stress about it, help who you can. Donate food parcels or money to Foodbank. I am a Member to Life Flight Trust I pay a monthly Donation and have received my Red Wings in appreciation. I see it as helping the sick and hurt in New Zealand. I am also a member of Greenpeace. I donate Monthly Polutin and Animal cruelty and Extinction. I am a Major in the Right Wing Resistance of New Zealand , Commanding Officer of the North Island. Here to Enlighten the Western World on European Genocide and about the dangers of Multiculturalism and Forced Integration of Immigrants and the Cultures they are bringing to New Zealand. I have set up a Facebook which has brought World Wide problems to our followers and to the public of New Zealand. I support Kyle our Leader , unconditionally. I am prepared to die if necessary to protect our Race. Even tho I know I'm no good to anyone dead. It will be hard to organise Marches and Protests because our numbers are spread and members have found it expensive in the past to travel. Dont be discouraged. Our Actions and Flyers have had an impact on political views . New Zealand First wanting to stop Immigration and the Conservatives wanting to stop the sale of our land to Overseas investors with other Parties adopting similar views. John Key is a Rouge businessman who Makes massive profit from putting companies and Countries into debt. He must be aware of the problems integration is causing in other countries and the mass genocide of our European Race. Soppressing this Information is no solution . We need to continue to inform Europeans any way we can. If Cunliffe wins and coalitions with enough Minority Parties he could run the Country over the next 3 years. I would like to see our members really promote our Resistance Party. Get Membership forms and encourage whoever will listen to join the Resistance. Kyle is a Great Leader: support him. When we March or Protest I will travel and bring members if I can. Keep in contact and support each other. We are a Political Party. I will try to support and encourage every member and try and set up Units in every Province. Our Leader has told me to do what I have to do. My word for this month is Survival - of our Race Homeland and Right Wing Resistance New Zealand. Kingsland Wolf our Editor has contacted me and provided his e-mail address and a site link. Hail Brother! Since my Promotion I have travelled to Levin and had an Area meeting where we swore in Karleen as Palmeston North Unit Leader, our first Woman Unit leader. Hail! Aaron was sworn into his New Zealand shirt. Hail! Every member with a New Zealand t-shirt should be paying fees and a Registered member of the Resistance Party. Dave is my Warrant Officer and has travelled to Masterton twice to see me for discussions. I travelled to Paraparaumu for a Meeting with our World Leader where I was further promoted to Major and Area Commander. I've travelled to Wellington for a meeting with Steve our Kernal. We discussed Fees and appraised our Bank Statement. There is much much more to do , good things take time. I talk to other World Wide Leaders on European English and African issues. These are alarming. Help me save New Zealand and our European Culture and Heritage and Essentially the European Race. Major Tocker Commanding Officer North Island Right Wing Resistance New Zealand"

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