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Saturday, 27 December 2014


A young man from Sydney dropped out as an electrical engineering student, travelled to Syria and had since been working as a video editor for ISIS. He had edited beheading videos and personally wished to be killed through an airstrike so he can become a martyr. The young man is reportedly the first confirmed Australian to be working with ISIS' media unit. "I have a job, I live in a HQ, eat, sleep, work, hope an airstrike gets me so I can be Shaheed. Pretty typical life," the man told The Australian in a strictly confidential online interview. Back in Australia, editing videos was purely a hobby. His skill was honed by editing cheap little film effects. He said his first intention of travelling to Syria was to fight alongside the ISIS, but ISIS officials wanted people with experience in media production so he volunteered for the job. He revealed that the group is using dodgy internet connection to communicate with the outside world while a more stable internet service is used to distribute the videos and images. The young man also revealed that infiltrators are being dealt with what he described as pleasing punishment - beheading. "I saw one get his head chopped off the other day. Pretty satisfying. This guy was giving IS positions to regime. Then his head gets exhibited as a warning to other spies," the man revealed to The Australian. He also revealed that he met other Australian Islamic State fighters. The fact that there are other Aussie fighting with ISIS, "was quite good," the man said. More and more young Australians are being lured into the ISIS ideology. On Dec 24, the Sydney police arrested two young men for allegedly planning a terrorist attack in Australia. The two are also allegedly helping Australians to travel to Syria. One of the men, identified as Sulayman Khalid, 20, from Regent's Park, was charged with possession of documents designed to facilitate a terrorist attack. The other men who has yet to be identified in public was charged with breaching a control order. The two young men were nabbed as part of the on-going counter-terrorism operation being conducted by the Australian Federal Police in cooperation the Joint Counter Terrorism team and the New South Wales Police. There was no evidence proving that a terror attack plan was already hatched and is about to be carried out, AFP Deputy Commissioner national Security Michael Phelan said as reported by ABC. LINK:

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