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Friday, 19 December 2014


A right-wing white supremacist group says its membership in Taranaki is growing. The Right Wing Resistance (RWR) group is distributing fliers around New Plymouth calling from immigration from Ebola-infected countries to stop. The group's website claims new units were being set up in New Plymouth and Stratford, and a "Viking Division" was also being established in the region. In August last year the group distributed racist fliers attacking Chinese immigration, trade and business. Mayor Andrew Judd said he was not aware the group was recruiting in the district. "That's news to me and I'm quite shocked to hear that," Judd said yesterday. "There's a big difference between free speech and hate speech." Judd said the group would not be welcomed in the district and would not be helpful whatsoever. "I would just ask people to act within the law and within common decency," he said. A spokesman for RWR, Vaughan Tocker, of Masterton, told the Taranaki Daily News he visited the region about three weeks ago to swear in new members. He said there were about a dozen members of the RWR in Taranaki, a figure he expected to increase. "At the moment I'm very happy with what is happening in Taranaki," he said. "We are growing huge, we are growing fast," he claimed. Tocker said the public could expect to see the group actively protesting around the region, more flier drops and picketing. He said New Zealand ran the risk of being inundated with immigrants and urged all white people to make a stand. "Whether you think that they are going to be a problem in Taranaki, they are coming. We are all in danger, as soon as they out number us in our own country they are going to start voting in their own governments. "The whole purpose of the resistance is we must secure the existence of the European race and its future for our white children." Tocker said his message to ethnic immigrants was simple. "Go home. We don't want this country to become a Third World country which is over-populated and overrun by immigrants." LINK:

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