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Wednesday, 21 January 2015


JUST ONE YEAR GONE but so many things happened in RWR NZ. At the beginning of 2014, Upper North Island Division called Northern Division was going to change its name. There were few options available. I suggested mine: NORTHERN WOLVES. Kyle was keen, and other members agreed as well on this new name. A new tee-shirt was made by March. Meanwhile Celtic Prince from UK, the main RWR editor, set up a new blog for the former Northern Division called Northern Wolves on January 21st. He run the blog until April, then he was absent. In June, I became the editor of the blog. June was a turning point for RWR NZ. Hamilton Unit collapsed. Many of its members quit (the Northern Wolves Commander, the Unit Leader and other members) to join a new organisation (division 88 NZ). Why? Mainly because they didn't agree with the new RWR policy "Poverty Watch". Auckland was shaken as well. Between April and July Auckland and Auckland South Unit Leaders quit. And other members as well. In August, Vaughan Tocker, the Central Division Commander of the Lower North Island, became the Northern Wolves Commander. Central and Northern Divisions were united. New units were created mostly in Lower North Island. Vaughan's team includes now mainly members of Masterton and Palmerston North Units. In Taranaki, a Viking Division was set up very focused on the Norse and Anglo-Saxon Cultural Heritage. Northern Wolves blog covers now Upper North (Auckland and Hamilton) as it was supposed to be at the very beginning but also the rest of the North Island. The hot topics of January are "Freedom of Speech in Europe" and "European Cultural Heritage". 21 January 2015: Year Two starts now. Happy Birthbday Northern Wolves blog!

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