moon action

moon action

Saturday, 21 February 2015


Hail Brothers and Sisters, my name is Johnny Westbridge and I am the new Regional Officer for Waikato/Auckland. I am based in Hamilton with strong family ties to Tauranga.Before that I lived in Christchurch for 20 years. I have been a White Nationalist since I was 14 years old. I was the kid that got the cane for drawing swazis on things round school.I spent time in England around the fringes of the scene leaning more toward the Football side of things. Coming back to NZ I was saddened and somewhat taken aback that the people most likely to attack a Skinhead here in NZ wasn't the Mongrel Mob, MCs or even Redskins but other White Nationalist Skinheads. I took on board the advice of Tom Metzger, to become Lone Wolves and fit into society. I couldn't be bothered with the infighting and disunity in the scene here. I concentrated on raising my family and completing my education. I also had a problem with alcohol that, combined with PTSD, drove me into recovery in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous,which I am still an active member of today. I met Kyle 20 years ago and given our common interests quickly became good friends. When he became leader of the NF, I joined up and did some small amounts of activism,mostly recruitment. When Kyle established RWR in 2009 I was initially hesitant,having a lot of personal issues to deal with at the time and sadly missed my opportunity to become a founding member. But by early 2010 I had finally had enough of unrestricted immigration, political correctness etc etc and came out of "retirement" and joined RWR. I was attracted to the fact that we are action based and I knew I owed it to myself, my children and my people to stand up for what I knew was right and to resist Cultural Marxism and White genocide. As RO I am keen to recruit and build a good solid cadre of loyal members here in Hamilton and beyond. I believe greatly that unity,loyalty and action are the way forward both for RWR and White Nationalism generally. At the moment I am concentrating on pamphlet drops as a way of reaching out into the community. I am totally open to dialogue and communication both from members and others who have common interests and goals. If you have any ideas or thoughts please don't hesitate to get in contact with me. I look forward to meeting those of you I haven't met before on WPWW Day and other events.Hail The Resistance!! 14/88

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