moon action

moon action

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Message to the Government

Right Wing Resistance

New Zealand

Statement of Defiance


To Whom it May Concern

We are an organised group of political activists, who are among the many New Zealanders who are affected by your constant bad management of our Nation.

Some of the main points we are the most concerned about are:

·       Reckless disregard for the safety of New Zealand through the importation of people who are against our way of Life.

·       The lack of compassion for the common workers and other low income citizens of this country.

·       A self-serving attitude by Members of Parliament with many cases of conflict of interest in regards to policies being made that serve the profits of sitting ministers.

·       The continued increase of secret intelligence powers to spy on New Zealanders and to take away our rights and Freedoms.

·       Serving China, who is an ambitious and brutal financial empire who commit many human rights violations, including mass slavery, and mass murder.

·       One of the most important issues is the bowing and scraping to international financial powers in order to maintain trade deals and status.

Often these issues, such as the TPPA are designed to serve profit instead of our people’s welfare.


We resist your ruthless form of corrupt government, and we demand a change in the system to allow a greater representation of the people, including 1-2% representation, binding referendum and a more comprehensive system of accountability and investigation into ministers conflict of interests.