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Thursday, 3 September 2015

2 September - Czech Republic abandons 'ineffective' European asylum rules

The Czech Republic will no longer detain Syrian refugees trying to reach Germany, police have said, making it the latest country to abandon European asylum rules in the face of an overwhelming migration crisis. Authorities had been detaining refugees, who had applied for asylum in Hungary but were trying to travel onwards, for up to 42 days. The policy announced on Wednesday was prompted by Germany’s declaration that Syrians who reached the country would be allowed to stay, regardless of their route, and Hungary’s reluctance to take back refugees registered in the country. “We reacted to the positions of Hungary and Germany,” police spokeswoman Katerina Rendlova said in a television interview. “We consider it ineffective to keep these people in detention centres.” Czech authorities had been struggling to deal with the numbers of arrivals and had been drawing criticism for writing identity numbers in pen on the arms of hundreds who were intercepted and pulled off trains. A tweet by Andrew Stroehlein, Human Rights Watch’s European media director, was shared more than 1,000 times. SOURCE:

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