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Tuesday, 26 April 2016



  1. I never make the mistake of arguing with people for whose opinions I have no respect.Peter krämer Right wing resistance

  2. The theory put forward by some scientists and so-called historians is that we are all "out of Africa" and emerge from the common negro, via evolution over many thousands of years. This is impossible. This is so painstakingly, sickeningly braindead in its assumption. It is just not possible for a single DNA mutation, a random mutation in a persons' DNA to spread throughout an entire populace and cause every person who was once black, to immigrate and become "white" in their bone structure and coloration. And if this were possible, let's pretend that absolute sheer trickery happened, then the planet is not old enough to see such changes. Mankind has not existed so long, the changes they are wanting the general dumbed-down populations to believe are the equivalent of a cat becoming a modern day dinosaur. THAT'S how "out of Africa" we are. It's time people stepped up and defended their existence and stopped allowing the bigwigs and plans of the western governments to convince them that just because they bleed red that they are somehow owing their lives to black people. Dogs bleed red too. Really take the time to look into what's realistic and what isn't. There are just as many scientists proposing that evolution (in the respect that blacks became white somehow miraculously due to migration) is a null hypothesis and having better alternative explanations, if only the media chose to broadcast those much more plausible hypotheses, Peter krämer. World leader Right wing Resistance

  3. Before you were born,
    And were still too tiny for
    The human eye to see,
    You won the race for life
    From among 250 million competitors.
    And yet,
    How fast you have forgotten
    Your strength,
    When your very existence
    Is proof of your greatness.
    You were born a winner,
    A warrior,
    One who defied the odds
    By surviving the most gruesome
    Battle of them all.
    And now that you are a giant,
    Why do you even doubt victory
    Against smaller numbers,
    And wider margins?
    The only walls that exist,
    Are those you have placed in your mind.
    And whatever obstacles you conceive,
    Exist only because you have forgotten
    What you have already

    Peter krämer World wide leader Right wing resistance RFFR