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Friday, 30 December 2016

Political Prisoner Peter Kramer

No wonder NZ and Aussi are so close to China now, they doing the same kinds of things. Peter Kramer from Sweden is now in a detention camp in Aussi after being refused entry to NZ based on political beliefs. When I phoned immigration they said only an authorized NZ lawyer or Immigration advisor can help, they wont give me any details. When I phoned the Immigration lawyers and advisors there all on holiday till next week or longer.
Peter said some people in that detention center have been there for years.
Some friends have contacted the media, but we think because his politics are contrary to most reporters they will ignore his issues also. Unless you are with the accepted view of resistance or the accepted form of globalization you are worthless. No wonder so many people are bound up in camps around the world. If Aussi and NZ can get away with it, then no one is going to care.

Peter was coming to NZ to meet with political contacts before he resigns his position as world leader of RWR. 

Australia has also refused him entry even though they granted him a Visa. They say it was because of a 20 year old conviction. 

The New Zealand immigration representative who was introduced as a NZ government official would not tell Peter her name, told him rudely he was not welcome in New Zealand, and that he is refused based on hiding his political views the last time he was in New Zealand. This reason is a lie. Peter was interviewed intensely for hours by NZ Immigration about his reasons for coming to NZ and his politics. Kyle Chapman was at the airport to pick Peter up and was also interviewed and it was made known by present officials that they new Kyle was the head of RWR at the time. They released Peter to Kyle after this interview. 

Immigration wont even tell us if there are recorded conversations with Peter. I expect if there are they will be "lost" when they are requested by the official information act. 

It is a nightmare come true, that in western countries a person from a western country is refused entry based on his political beliefs even though our countries protect political freedom and the right to speak your own truths. It seems this is only relevant for left wing activists and Islamic terrorists.